About Company

Professional and experienced management, the best bill of materials, and the highest quality standards make our Solar manufacturing with excellent performance and long product life.

The headquaters of Huasun Energy and its own factory of new generation photovoltaic modules are located in Xuancheng, Anhui, China. The company has the production line using the latest HJT cells in both double-sided glass modules-Bi-facial.

We have two manufacturing facilities – HJT solar cell (750 MW/year) and solar panel (500 MW/year) . Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest generation automated and robotized production lines located at a total area of 176,000 sq. m. We are proud of our manufacturing standards and are always open for site visits of our customers. To arrange a site visit and manufacturing process training please contact us or our distributors.


We guarantee the high-quality and best performance of photovoltaic modules using only superior raw materials and components from reputable suppliers. We are unique among other manufacturers due to a wide range of photovoltaic modules in different performance and technology.

The product line is constantly changing to provide customers the newest technology available in modern worldwide serial manufacturing. Our R & D team has cutting-edge technologies consistently developed to implement in our products, but before we offer it to our customers all should pass internal, third party and real conditions tests. The product line was designed to meet current market needs in high and premium quality segments. We tuned each model to be competitive in its segment by price and win the competition by quality, so our esteemed customers will get what they paid for in full scale. The balance between price and quality is very well tuned in our products and makes the Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) generated less as well as your return on investment (ROI) high.


Automation helps us to provide precise assembly, avoid defects, and lower down the costs by speeding processes to achieve proper price to quality ratio. All production lines are controlled by centralized software and each robot and machine detects and reports any malfunction online, so our engineers and operators can instantly react. Manufacturing buildings are equipped with full temperature, humidity, and dust control equipment.

Areas of storage, warehouses, offices, and other facilities are separated and isolated from the manufacturing room to get the best quality performance. Each assembly stage ends up with a quality check to make sure that internal defects like micro-cracks, black spots, mixed cells of different efficiency, processing defects, insufficient soldering, internal foreign materials, cell gaps, corner defects, breakages, scratches, ribbon misalignments will not be passed to the next stage. Our testing stations comply with AAA+ standards and label marking of output after final flash testing and sorting is done only at positive tolerance.

All manufacturing facilities, production processes, and products have been revised, tested, certified, and approved by certification bodies to comply with the most strict international standards of quality, management system, safety, and industry standards to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.


The Quality of Huasun’s solar panels are confirmed by Quality and Safety certificates and a set of advanced tests.

ISO: 9001/14001/28000

IEC: 61215-1:2016 61730-1:2016 (to be finished)