Higher in Efficiency

Himalayan Series Plus Black

with extremely high output of HuaSun Himalayan series solar panel, black plus design, suitable for an elegant rooftop installation

Heterojuction Solar Cell Technolgy

Huasun is devoted into silicon heterojuction solar technolgy with a lot of potential in efficiency and cost in the future, the future is HJT 

About HuaSun

A Chinese silicon Heterojuction solar technology developer and manufacturer.

Leading in HJT solar cell&module development and applied into massive production

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World Leading Team In HJT solar cell efficiency

Over 8 years of experience in HJT cell research and massive production


Huasun has successfully running HJT solar Cell production line in an average efficiency at 24% and above


HuaSun provide solar module ODM service. Based on HJT solar cell production, and advanced solar module manufacturing line, HuaSun will be your one-stop HJT solar panel solution provider.

Why HuaSun HJT?

HJT technology is a mature solar cell technology that has been verified by many solar projects worldwidely, started from Japan in 1990, HJT technolgy has been working all through the life time of a solar panel in different applications in residential, C&I sector as well as a utility power plant. Higher in efficiency, Less power deduction(above 85% in 25 years liner warranty),

HuaSun has over 8 years experience in HJTsolar cell and panel R&D and manufacturing, leading in China, still holding the NO.1 in HJT cell efficiency(ISFH) in massive production. Aiming to reach 25% in 2 years, and seeking the possibility in technical combination of HJT and Perovskite solar cells into massive production.

HuaSun and HJT will bright your sustaible road forward.

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