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Frequently Asked

What is HJT?

HJT is short for Hetero-junction Technology, initially started from Japan by Sanyoand belong to Panasonic named “HIT”

It’s a different solar cell processing technology compare with conventional solar cell like PERC and thin-film.

HJT cell has higher efficiency, no LID PID, and better power decrease per year, but currently also a little bit higher cost.

How is HJT compare with other Technology?

HJT technology is currently the best option to increase efficiency and power output to their highest levels in the solar industry. HJT combines the best qualities of crystalline silicon with those from amorphous silicon thin-film to produce a high-power hybrid cell that surpasses the performance of the industry’s go-to technology, PERC. Secondly, it is very low LCOEs (Levelized Cost of Energy) for HJT-based PV systems due to the advantage of the highest bifaciality. Thirdly, It has a low-cost production potential of HJT and a much lower number of process steps than traditional solar cells.

HuaSun's Role in HJT solar industry?

HuaSun Energy is a new company in Chinese HJY industry, but HuaSun team has been working in HJT field for many years. Huasun devoted to develop higher efficiency HJT products both in solar cell and solar panels, while apply them into massive production for the industry. We do both R&D and manufacturing together and bring the solar future into HJT time by higher efficiency and lower cost.

Where can i buy a HuaSun panel?

Please firstly contact with us with left contact form, if you are a end user we will bring you to our local partner in your region and you will be take good care of, if you are interested in distribution Huasun panel, welcome we can talk about this and see how to achieve that.

If you are a project owner looking for solar panels, please contact us directly with left contact form, our sales and technical dept will connect with you and find a solution together with you to apply Huasun HJT solar panel into your project.

How is HuaSun solar panel warranty?

You will enjoy a 15 years of workmanship product warranty while a 30 years performance warranty from us(above 90% in 25 years) when you choose HuaSun HJT solar panel. For more details please visit our warranty page to download.

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