Heterojuction Solar technology Pioneer in China

HuaSun entered into the solar PV industry with product innovations and optimized power-cost ratio with record-breaking hetero-Junction technologies. HuaSun will be recognized as the world’s most valuable solar technology company in HJT and its related technology. Innovation and sustainable development are two of HuaSun’s core values.

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Xuancheng, Anhui, China



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Utilizing Solar Energy, Powering into Green World!

Based on HJT technology 


Bring the benefits of HJT solar technology into massive production level and expand the possibility of HJT to the Maximum level. 

Bring down the cost of HJT technology and break the limit of HJT efficiency to next level 

Industry top talents

Yrs HJT experience

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HuaSun Energy focus on Silicon Hetero-Junction Technology(HJT) as our core technology in the Chinese solar industry, the future of HJT is bright and promising because of its higher efficiency, better warranty, and stable quality. 

Huasun has a strong R&D team with top talents in the solar and HJT field, continuously hard working on bringing in and creating new elements in HJT solar sector. 


To create a high-quality and high-performance solar module, Huasun has an experienced team on solar cell and solar panel manufacturing design and implementation, to make the best use of our most industry-leading automation equipment. 

A complete and high efficient operation team for HJT solar cell and solar panel manufacturing, for OEM clients, we are here to serve with our equipment and skilled team to grow your branding with best solar panel product.


Huasun is promising an industry leading warranty of 15 years workmanship and 30 years performance warranty to our HJT solar panels. 

Quality is the first issue to keep our promise, we choose our material suppliers carefully and the glass, frame, backsheet are very crucial to a solar panel quality, from the material choose to the process of manufacturing and final product inspection, Huasun takes quality control all the way to ensure our solar panel work perfectly on any type of your solar project.

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Nov.16-18 GENERA 2021 Madrid Spai

HuaSun Booth NO. 4B08B

Jun 3-5 SNEC 2021 Shanghai New Expo Center

SNEC is the biggest PV show worldwide in PV industry, with more than 200,000 visitors and 150,000 square meter more than 15 halls. 

HuaSun Booth NO. W5-230

Jun 9-11 InterSolar 2021 Europe Munich Germany

Biggest Solar and energy storage Show in Europe every year. Over 100,000 square meter exhibition and 50,000 visitors every year

HuaSun Booth NO.