25.26%!Beyond ourselves again, ANHUI HUASUN refreshed the highest efficiency of silicon heterojunction SOLAR cells

on July 2nd 2021, HUASUN teamed up with the leader of HJT equipment MaxWell ,announced that the efficiency of silicon heterojunction solar cells produced by their HJT project has reached the record of 25.26% , tested by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin. The achievement surpasses HUASUN’s previous 25.23% record on M6 heterojunction solar cells, set in June.

25.26%,the efficiency has equaled the world record for the recent full size heterojunction solar cells, meanwhile,HUASUN is the second factory that makes the current density increase to 40mA/cm expected Japan Kaneka since 2015 in the world. At the same time, the open circuit voltage of the champion cell is still over 745mV.It has reference values to improve the efficiency of HJT solar cells.

Doctor WANG WENJING, the CTO of HUASUN said:“HUASUN has successfully equaled the world record for the efficiency of HJT solar cells recently. But under the same efficiency, the area of HUASUN’s cells is larger, which is one of the mainstream size in the market. It has guiding significance of mass production. The current of champion cell is second only to Japan Kaneka .The most difficult issue of HJT solar cells is that it is hard to increase the current. This time we increased the current, but at the same time, the open circuit voltage is still high, which finds a new way to improve the efficiency of HJT solar cells in the future. 





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